Monday, October 10, 2011

Vial Gucci Accenti Perfume

Gucci Accenti Perfume Vial by Gucci for women Eau De Toilettes

gucci accenti perfume

Gucci Accenti Perfume by Gucci was launched in 1995, and was designed by Dominique Ropion. The compotition for Gucci Accenti are jasmine, rose, lily-of-the-valley, tangerine, vanilla, tonka bean, peach, raspberry and sandalwood, that make Gucci Accenti become a oriental floral ragrance and pecfect for women.

Gucci Accenti Perfume is one of popular fragrance

Gucci Accenti's bottle is very misleading, but you never though the smell was so lovely. This fragrance is very sweet, woody and warm. When I first sniffed Accenti I rushed right into putting it on. To me it was all about the sandalwood (and maybe the peach), which was so warm and interesting. 

gucci accenti perfume
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Insteed of spending money on celebrity cake fragrances, buy this, Accenti is great!

Gucci Accenti is a true oriental, it feels like you're in an arabian garden at night were you sit on carepts in the ground with silk and lace shawls touching your skin. There are peach trees around, roses blooming, plates of fruit and desserts served to you, incense and spicy candles burning in the moonlight. A beautiful perfume, not surprised that it's been discontinued.

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