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BLV Notte Pour Homme - Elegant fragrance

BVl Notte Pour Homme for Men- eau de toilette

BVL Notte Pour Homme was intimate and gently sweet fragrance and this fragrance created by Alberto Morillas in 2004. BLV Notte Pour Homme was a Masculine, but gentle at the same time, oriental woody fragrance with dark chocolade accord in its base leaving a delicate and intimate trail on the skin.  A lush blend of galangal, tobacco blossom, dark chocolate and ginger- the same composition found in BLV Notte Pour Femme, while the masculinity is accentuated with spices and woody notes.
BLV Notte Pour Homme

BVL Notte Pour Homme The elegant lady-killer scent, women just fall for chocolate

BVL Notte Pour Homme - eau de toilette

A nice oriental, different than the original blv, even if sweeter it is more appropriate even for warmer weather than the original one, as it is more smooth and less spicy. I do get the dark chocolate note mixed with some aromatic notes and lavender that suggest a "vodka" note and I absolutely like it. Lasting power is good, but not enough for an oriental fragrance. Anyway, this is forgivable due to the lovely gourmand smell that is sophisticated and does not scream: "This is a candy shop. Here you have all the sweets you need and don't need. "Eat them all!". Nedless to say the chocolate aroma it is a perfume, not a flavouring.

BVL Notte Pour Homme - eau de toilette

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