Saturday, January 28, 2012

Applying Fragrance

How to Apply Fragrance
This is a video about how to properly wear perfume.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bond No.9 New Harleem Perfume

New Harleem Perfume by Bond No. 9 for women Eau De Parfums

bond no.9

Based on the perfume description, New Harlem Perfume by Bond No. 9 was an orijentalni drveni fragrance that composed by patchouli, lavender, vanilla, coffee, cedar and bergamot. This fragrance was launch in 2003 and the nose behind this fragrance is Maurice Roucel.

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I love this perfume smell. Reminds me of Saturday morning breakfast at grandma's. It smells like coffee cake next to a stack of butterscotch pancakes smothered in maple syrup. A great scent for an evening out, especially in the cooler months. This will cut through the crowd.

Bond No.9 New Harleem

When you apply it, you first detect a sweet vanilla lavender accord with some freshness of the bergamot. Surprisingly pleasing. It was hit or miss with these six notes. And it's hit. Then comes in the spicyness of the patchouli, with the dryness of the cedar and the coffee. After half an hour the coffee takes first seat while the other notes stay present to deepen things out and keep the development going. But the coffee is the star here. Roucel chose not sweet coffee, no exotic 'double latte cedar lavender vanilla with bergamot' or so, but naturally bitter, burned arabica. That slightly bitter and burned element goes very, very well with the lavender and the vanilla. And all the while the patchouli and the cedar accentuate the rich no nonsense, grounded earthiness of this fragrance. The drydown is long and smoothly evolves into a rich deep coffee-lavender-dark unsweet vanilla and cedar. It seems an implausible combination on paper, it is a daring creation but it that pays off big time in that New Haarlem is a great, rich and complex, earthy but smoky, deep and dry fragrance. The dryness that has the potential to be overbearing because of the coffee plus the cedar is kept in check by the subdued spiciness of the patchouli, the deep dark vanilla and the powdery lavender. The result a deeply pleasing, earthy, powerful and totally original fragrance that's IMHO perfectly unisex. And can even be worn in the office. But with that price tag it would maybe be a shame.