Monday, October 3, 2011

Fragrance Concentration

There are many fragrance that distinguish with the concentration of the ingredients on it.

  1. Scented products for example Lotions, creams, powders, body splashes, aftershaves, soaps, and other scented cosmetic products contain variable (though usually very small) amounts of fragrance often less than 3%.
  2. Eau de cologne compound in an alcohol-water base also containing about 3% perfume . It’s invariably much lighter than a concentrated perfume. Men’s cologne, typically with 5% to 8% perfume compound, is more concentrated than women’s and is similar to the strength of eau de toilette.
  3. Eau de toilette is an alcohol or water based perfume containing 3% to 8% perfume compound. Less concentrated than eau de parfum, it’s often used to create a lighter version of a fragrance.
  4. Eau de parfum is an alcoholic perfume solution containing 10% to 15% perfume compound.
  5. Perfume is the most highly concentrated form of fragrance, containing between 20% and 50% perfume compound. The strongest and the longest-lasting option, it’s also the most expensive.

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