Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chance Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette Spray

Chance Eau Fraiche Love it So Much

Chance Eau Fraiche

Chance Eau Fraiche : Jacques Polge reinterprets the olfactory composition of the constellation of CHANCE around the magical combination of the Unexpected Accord to create a fragrance full of joie de vivre. (source)

Chance Eau Fraiche is a lovely perfume. Light, fresh, classy and elegant, it's not dissimilar to the original Chance but is just a lighter, fresher version.

For me Chance Eau Fraiche doesn't smell at all masculine or heavy, unlike some of the other reviewers comments about it. I think because of its freshness, with a little woodiness, it isn't overly girly but neither is it manly maybe it could be classed as an asexual perfume!!

Chance Eau Fraiche

Either way, it's a lovely scent and one that I always have a few spritzes of whenever I'm passing through a department store fragrance section. I always find it quite energizing and it makes me feel very sophisticated. Even the colour of the perfume is really nice, and the bottle is simple but stylish. Oh, and the longevity of the perfume is great it lasts forever on my skin, i also get special price from here.

In my opinion, all three Chance perfumes are the best in the Chanel range of perfumes and I really like all three of them. how about you??

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