Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, The First Signature Fragrance by Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift Wonderstruck By Taylor swift was inspired by life and it is in her own words,  a unique way to create memories: “Like songs, a scent can take you back and allow you to relive a moment in time”. The perfume is launched in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden, and designed by Olivier Gillotin of Givaudan and called Wonderstruck.

The top notes are raspberry, dewberry, freesia and apple blossom. The heart has sweet vanilla along with honeysuckle and white hibiscus and it finishes with amber, musk, sandalwood and peach in the base.

Upon first spray it smelt like BS Fantasy (which is one my favs) but that only lasted for about 2 seconds and then it evolved into something completely different.

For the first 10 minutes, Wonderstruck smells mostly of vanilla and candied raspberries on my skin, then the heart comes through and you do get the white hibiscus and more of the freesia from the top note. The apple is hard to detect, can smell it when first sprayed slightly, but only for the initial spray, it really is overpowered by that raspberry. There is also a strong note of honeysuckle in this and combined with the vanilla it is a very sweet scent. Once it settles on my skin the fragrance is a very fruity raspberry-vanilla-slightly floral-honeysuckle. Very very sweet, it's definitely a gourmand scent, so you really need to like gourmands to like this.

Lasting power is pretty good, about 6 hrs. Towards to end of the day when it's down to the base it leaves a nice vanilla-y amber scent on the skin, never do detect any peach in this at all at any point throughout the day, so if you're not a peach fan, nothing to worry about there. It does remind slightly of a mix of BS fantasy (which is a sweeter cake gourmand and PH Can Can (very sweet but slightly oriental feel), it definitely has a candied sweetness about it, but it's much more vanilla based than both those. A nice sweet vanilla scent that doesn't feel too young.

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