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Anthology La Roue de La Fortune 10 for Men and Women By Dolce Gabbana

Anthology La Roue de La Fortune By Dolce Gabbana for men and women

Anthology La Roue de La Fortune

Anthology La Roue de La Fortune - On 2009 Dolce Gabbana present the collection perfume that named The D&G Anthology. The Celebrities who advertised this fragrance shown naked. The celebrities are  Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova and Claudia Schiffer, Noah Mills, Fernando Fernanes and Tyson Ballou. This collection was inspired by tarot cards and their marks.

La Roue de la Fortune 10 includes aromas of tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, benzoin and patchouli.

Anthology La Roue de La Fortune is a must buy product

LA ROUE DE LA FORTUNE is gourmand floral to me. It is a lovely perfume suitable more for ladies in my humble opinion. It is slightly sweet, pleasant, soft and perfectly safe to wear on the occasion when you do not want to be overpowered by the scent. The light and transparent quality seems to unite the D&G Anthology Series. These modern style fragrances I think are designed to be close to the skin, light scents, which I think is accurately represented by the ad campaign. 

LA ROUE DE LA FORTUNE starts aromatic and airy but then this sweet gourmand note comes in, which I think is a mixture of vanilla and tropical flowers in the heart notes. This sweet gourmand note actually reminds me a lot of HYPNOSE by Lancome. It is less strong and less fluffy and balanced by super light patchouli but nevertheless two fragrances are similar on my skin when compared side by side. The dry down continues along the same trajectory with pleasant gourmand vanilla and benzoin. The patchouli is so light that it is not very noticeable on my skin. 

Overall this is a pleasant light gourmand scent but not enough to tempt me to get the full size bottle.

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