Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do and Don't while wearing perfume

Do and Don't

Option for various forms (eau de toillette, cologne, and parfume) of your scent that can be used for different situations.
  • Layer your scent by also using the same in your hand and body lotion and shower gel because it will make the scent last longer.
  • Use cologne and parfume sparingly by spraying it in the air and walking through it rather than spraying it directly onto the body.
  • Don't be afraid to update your scent from time to time to reflect the constant changes in your personality.
  • Never wear a heavy fragrance that may annoy people in a professional setting.
  • Never spray a scent in an enclosed or heavily occupied space like a small bathroom, an elevator, or a restaurant.
  • It your scent stains your clothing, take it to the dry cleaner rather than trying to remove it yourself.
  • If friends and family tell you the scent is too strong, smells "funky" or doesn't suit you, pay attention because they may smell something you can't.

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