Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dolce Gabbana Pour Homme First Fragrance By D&G for Men

The Clasical Aromatic Fragrance By D&G

D&G fragrance for men was the first scent by D&G and it was classic fragrance, relaxing and slightly herbal, but very masculine. The notes for this clasic scent which start off with refreshing and energizing citrus are notes of bergamot, tangerine, orange, and lemon leaves. The heart notes was so aromatic that combines the sharpness and freshness of lavender, naturalness of sage with intense and powerful notes of cardamom reinforced by pepper in all its boldness. Base notes for this scent are cedar, tonka bean, sandalwood and musk.

Truly a Classic, It's a lady killer for sure. Nothing I've ever smelled comes close to this and it's definitely a must have in any collection. What I enjoyed most about this fragrance was the fact that it bares similarities to that of Carolina Herrera for Men (also one of my all time favs) however, there are obvious differences.

The top notes are very citrusy but in a very pleasant way. The mandarin and orange sweeten the lemon just right and though the lemon comes off a bit synthetic, it's nothing that's too unbearable. I feel that they all complement each other quite nicely. I find the middle notes to be a bit heavier than anything else. You definitely get the pepper. The lavender is very subtle behind the pepper, which I guess is good because it does not blend the two extremes so you actually only smell one lingering behind the other as opposed to both being in your face. As the base notes kick in, the tobacco is something that you will definitely smell! It's a gorgeous addition to the fragrance overall! This is the part that reminds me of Carolina Herrera For Men but not because they smell similar but rather because the spices, such as the tobacco and pepper, are used perfectly and are not overbearing. What you end up with is a sweetened lemon, with hints of tobacco and pepper over a woody base. How much more gorgeous can this get? The scent life is amazing as well. I get at least 10+ hours every time. 

The only complaint I have is the fact that if you are going to be active while wearing this cologne, it somewhat smells like Chrome. Definitely a versatile scent but not for an active day, at least not for me. Oh and a little advice for you guys out there that feel the need to spray a cologne at least 10 times, 3-4 sprays with this one and you're gold. The scent projects very well so do not be too generous with the trigger. 

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